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Earthnotes Skincare is a woman run skincare brand based in Montreal, Canada. Our story began with a simple quest to find a gritty body exfoliant, that left the skin soft, hydrated, was made with clean ingredients, and was affordable. Unable to find something that we felt meet all those needs, we decided to develop one ourselves, and so Earthnotes Skincare was born. Our mission is to offer skincare products that focus on the overall health of your skin by ensuring that all our products have powerful moisturizing properties to help improve the health of your skin. All our products are made with premium quality ingredients, are paraben and sulfate free, and are cruelty free.

Our mission is also to create unique scent profiles because we want you to love taking care of your skin, and what better way than to offer products you’ll love to use. Caring for your skin is an important step in maintaining your overall health, but so is the ability to enjoy a little me-time. We want to take the guess work out of skincare and create products that are simple and good for you.

Founder Jamie-Lee with our Sex on the Beach body exfoliant
Co-Founder Kelly
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